Saturday, December 03, 2011

Thai Fried Glass Noodles (泰式炒冬粉) @ The Garden Authentic Thai Food - ABC Brickworks Hawker Centre

Two items in ABC market left such a deep impression that i took the opportunity to order both when i shopped at Anchorpoint recently; the power cendol has already been posted over HERE.

The second one came from this stall obscurely located at the far end of the hawker centre. Authenticity is mostly associated with the chef's nationality in any food outlet. By the look of the chef at The Garden, there is a 99% chance he is Thai. Be assured.

My usual order for Thai cuisine has always been phad thai. However, the fried glass noodles i had previously, with the Gang of Four, were so delicious; i had to forgo my phad thai this time.

Mildly seasoned with a dash of lime, this simple dish was comfortably appetising without being too rich and heavy on cooking oil.

To me, this tastes suspiciously like healthy home cooked food (which i enjoy by the way). Ingredients wise, please don't expect too much beyond the basic glass noodles, egg, chicken meat, fish cake and bean sprouts.

Let me think what i should have the next time i am here; hm.... maybe their thai omelette, tom yum soup, chicken with cashew nuts and either pineapple rice or phad thai. Damn, i am hungry now!


6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-50,
ABC Brickworks Food Centre

Thai Fried Glass Noodles - S$3.00

Additional Information
Display panel menu for your information.

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