Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vanilla Cream Puff @ Tampopo Deli (Liang Court)

Once upon a time, within the building called Haw Par Centre, i was notified that there's a super famous cream puff outlet at Liang Court. They were so good; it was rumoured that there's no way you can get any after 3pm every day!

Now, my favourite traditional cream puffs come from Beard Papa and i can still vaguely recollect that swirling of cold, smooth cream in my mouth cavity when i first tried it at Takashimaya.

Therefore, it's just a matter of time before i finally got my mouth ready for a supposedly orgasmic experience at Tampopo Deli. Well, it took me around 4 years - helped no less by fate and bad luck.

The appearance was inviting enough; lightly powdered with a perfect looking crust that could pass off as a rock from a dry, parched planet like mercury.

The fragrance of delicious vanilla hit me as i quickly took a bite! Despite its sinful portrayal, the viscous cream was only lightly sweetened. Something mommy will nod in agreement.

So far, i have been relatively positive. There is, however, a slight problem. I prefer a holistically crunchy bite but the puffs at Tampopo had soggy insides. According to some bloggers, they prefer this over Beard Papa.

For me, it's Beard Papa who wins hands down.


177 River Valley Road,
#B1-16, Liang Court Shopping Center

S$2.60 for one

Additional Information
There are many types of Japanese desserts, salads and even donburi to choose from. Prices are not cheap but i guess this could be an infrequent indulgence when the need arises.

Tables and chairs are available right outside the deli if you are too tired to tug the food home. By the way, i had this cream puff at around 7pm. Guess the rumour isn't true after all.

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