Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soya Bean Curd (豆花) from 51 Soya Bean @ Old Airport Hawker Centre

Having tried beancurd from the famous shops (Selegie and Rochor), i was almost caught by surprise by my friend's comment that the best beancurd comes from Block 51, Old Airport Road.

I am skeptical although experience tells me it's never good to assume until you have tried it with your mouth and tongue. Wah, sound so vulgar sia! Hahaha.

Anyway, the Gang of Four encountered a long queue at this stall named 51 Soya Bean. Coincidentally, i told a new colleague from Japan that in Singapore, a long queue at any one stall in a hawker centre usually signifies good food or damn worth-the-price food!

So is this plastic bowl of soya beancurd, supposedly made on site, worth the wait and price?

Unlike the famous beancurds from Selegie, Rochor Road, or any other beancurd stalls, you would not find a single trace of sugary syrup in this bowl. That brings upon the question; how good can it perform its role as a dessert without any freaking source of sweetness?!

Answer; it lies within the beancurd.

Personally, i don't like this variance, this style of beancurd. It was too alike to a typical sweetened jelly, like almond jelly. Furthermore, unlike the traditional beancurd, there is no way for me to adjust the sugar level according to my mood.


Block 51, Old Airport Road,
#01-72, Old Airport Road Market & Food Centre
(Another branch is located at Golden Mile)

Nearest MRT Station
Dakota and Mountbatten

S$1.00 (Small)
S$1.50 (Large)

Additional Information
According to Mr Kon, Lao Ban beancurd is actually the originator for the beancurd craze at Old Airport Road and i can see with my eyes that the queue was in fact two times longer than 51 Soya Bean.


  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Super arrogant, I was there at 4:55pm and the stall lady refused to entertain me and shouted and rush me off saying "don't have, at 5pm"...and it's all lying in the fringe. Very disappointed with such rude attitude, will boycott, no big deal, it's on beancurd!!!

  2. She must be having a bad day. Well, no matter what, she could have been more tactful!

    Just to let you know, those in the fridge could be fresh beancurd that have not set.

    i had the same frustrating experience before when i saw so many bowls lying untouched in the fridge and understood the reason only upon clarification from the service staff.

  3. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I was told the reason at the other 51 stall before but the other lady was nice and ask me to keep in fringe for next 30 mins before eating when I'm home. This is the right attitude and I fully accepted it.

  4. agree! Attitude is damn important! And so is flexibility.


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