Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chicken Cutlet from Rasa Sayang Western Food @ S11 Food Centre (Ang Mo Kio Central Block 711)

A lot of my food memories actually started from the time i joined Starhub and got to know the food guru. Unsurprisingly, my first outing with him was a food expedition that lasted only five hours yet managed to make me realise (forcibly) that one can eat so much!!!

One of the memorable moments was at this Western stall located at Ang Mo Kio Central; late night supper with friends like crazy jing meimei and downing the food with cup after cup of ice lemon tea.

That was the happy, carefree life then.

Coming back, remember the day my car was assaulted with one of its ears sliced off?! I had to bring it to a plastic surgeon (the car workshop in this case) for cosmetic reconstruction and therefore had a few hours to spend at Ang Mo Kio.

And it's no doubt fated that i walked past S11 and therefore decided to relive those good, old memories.

The piece of chicken cutlet remained as generous as i remember! It's always recommended to have two persons sharing one portion unless you have reached a threshold of extreme hunger. Look at how the size of the deep fried meat overshadowed the rest!

Batter wise, it was a nice golden tan with bread crumbs that shimmered brightly under the setting sun. And you will definitely love the crunch that seems to last forever as you slice it slowly.

Now on taste. *pause* it wasn't bad and it wasn't that deliciously good either. Granted the meat was juicy without a trace of being overcooked, i had to use chilli sauce extensively in order to gain the precious oohmp.

Nonetheless, i did have a filling meal despite having nasi lemak a mere three hours ago.


Blk 711 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8,
#01-07 S-11 Food Centre

Chicken Cutlet - S$6.00. There are of course other items on the menu like Chicken Chop, Pork Cutlet, Fish N Chips etc.

Additional Information
Get a glass of the thirst quenching ice lemon tea (S$1.40) to go with your meal!

The price is not cheap considering you can have a cheaper cutlet in another coffee shop. But, seldom would you get such a big portion!

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