Sunday, August 21, 2011

Black Carrot Cake (黑菜头粿) @ Changi Village Carrot Cake (樟宜村菜头粿) - Changi Village Hawker Centre

After a stomach filling meal at Old Airport Road hawker centre four hours ago, i was taken aback by the amount of food the Gang of Four ordered at Changi Village hawker centre! Thought we agreed to have only desserts?!

How to lose weight like that?!!??! How am i supposed to gain back my svelte waist of 28 inches?!?!

Well, looking good is secondary when eating is indisputably our main hobby! As the Chinese saying goes, 能吃是福 (to be able to eat is a fortune). This saying didn't mention anything about excessive eating though.

Coming back, one of the main items we had was carrot cake. According to food guru (Mr Kon that is), this stall served a mean carrot cake he found to be impressionable but it was usually closed by 6pm.

To thank our lucky stars, the owner had bought additional ingredients that had to be used by today since this food centre famous for its nasi lemak will be closed for general maintenance and cleaning for the next three days.

Serving black carrot cake only during the weekends, i was dumbfounded to find it damn good. That's weird because i would normally trust Kon's judgment! Wait, it must have been his recommendation for the supposedly best kway chap in Singapore this afternoon that eventually tasted superbly gamey in my opinion.

Without the need to request for additional black sauce, this plate of carrot cake was naturally infused with the full body flavour i look forward to - no doubt the result of excellent control of three main factors; the wok, fire and ingredients.

The egg coagulated the manageable pieces of carrot cake that were thoroughly drenched in black sauce, making them slightly sticky and especially delicious. I seriously cannot imagine a plate of carrot cake without eggs!

The goodness of this carrot cake can only be exemplified by a real life example; Alex ordered a second plate despite having egg omelette, BBQ sting-ray, chicken wings, desserts and drinks on the table.


Block 2, Changi Village Rd,
#01-31, Changi Village Hawker Centre

S$2.50 or S$3.00 a plate

Additional Information
We heard from the boss that his stall has been approached by Shin Min newspaper to compete for the top carrot cake stall in Singapore! Look out for the article on Thursday (25 August 2011).

For my post on 0172 BBQ Seafood (located in the same hawker centre), please click HERE.

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