Friday, August 05, 2011

New York New York (Root Beer Float, Roasted Mushroom Cappuccino Soup, Chef Wong's Wok-Fried Salad, NYNY Party Platter) @ Parkway Parade

For a restaurant that has been on an expansion spree for the last couple of years in Singapore, i am somewhat ashamed that i had never stepped in to try its food.

Reviews have not been positive, even amongst my friends but that should not be an excuse. I have no qualms in trying bad food even though knowing my passive eating habits; it's rare to find me writing a really horrendous blog review on a specific food establishment.

That was why i am pretty accommodating when my younger sister suggested dining at New York New York last week. And Cavin can never reject free food. :P

Root Beer Float
My first and the most unforgettable root beer float came from the no-longer-in-Singapore fast food restaurant - A&W.

I will usually use that as a yardstick to compare across the root floats i ordered in many places and even till now, A&W Root Beer Float remains the best in my heart.

This icy drink, from New York New York, is comparable. What it lacked was that unique, beery and bubbly (or some said gassy) sensation that made drinking A&W Root Beer Float so satisfying!

Roasted Mushroom Cappuccino Soup
Complimentary with a minimum spending of S$40 for standard chartered credit cards, this will interest people who love their soup creamy and milky!

Forget about the cappuccino - that little amount of powder was insufficient to have any impact.

Chef Wong's Wok-Fried Salad
For a non-salad person, this was so delicious i was resisting the temptation to finish everything and leave minimal portions for my family.

The green vegetables were given a slight tossing in the wok and kept their delightful crunchiness while having the appetising balsamic dressing thoroughly mixed in.

NYNY Party Platter
In order to save valuable stomach space for our durians feast later, we thought it might be better for us to order a party platter that has a wider spread yet not as filling as ordering one main dish for each person.

We regret it.

Portions were huge and i am the first person to raise the white flag! My stomach just could not stomach any more of them! Truth is; only the bread crumbs prawns and roasted chicken can make it.

The others (ribs, corns, fried fish etc) were not up to my expectation for a company that has seven branches in Singapore.


80 Marine Parade Road
#01-10 Parkway Parade

Root Beer Float - S$7.90
Chef Wong's Wok-Fried Salad - S$10.90
NYNY Party Platter - S$38.90

I lost the receipt but the standard GST and Service Charge should still be applicable.

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