Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow (老夫子炒粿) @ Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

It's never a good idea to have just one dish at a hawker centre. Order a few dishes and share amongst your family or friends. Judging from this recommendation, it's probably not a good suggestion to go alone.

And when i am with the Gang of Four, an order of one pathetic dish is ALMOST unheard of.

Therefore, you would not be wrong in assuming that there's more to come from our recent expedition to Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. To tell you the truth, i am only blogging 70% of what we had then.

One of the more famous stalls in Old Airport Road is Lao Fu Zi Char Kway Teow - a tongue in cheek reference to the nostalgic comic character (Old Master Q) from Hong Kong.

The tempting aroma of char kway teow has always proven to entice many diners to order a plate and that could usually be attested by the never-ending queue outside the stall.

Costing S$4, it was wet and heavy with delicious black sauce and filled with ingredients that made me exceptionally careful whenever i took a bite. I cannot stand the disgusting taste of cockles!!!

Personally, i found this to be one of the more traditional char kway teow in Singapore - a taste i could recollect when i was much younger. But, there is one problem.

With the focus on wok hei (essentially the essence of the wok) nowadays, this plate might deserve a higher score if it was left to simmer for a while longer in the metal wok.


Block 51, Old Airport Road,
#01-12, Old Airport Road Market & Food Centre

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