Sunday, August 28, 2011

Conclusion of the Car Side Mirror Incident (Su Brothers Motor Workshop)

This is a follow up to my initial post on this dumb ass driver who brutally cut off one of my car's ears.

Having to endure days of death-threatening driving without a side mirror on the driver side, i finally sent my beloved Vios for a much needed "cosmetic" consultation at my favourite workshop; Su Brothers' Motor Workshop!

My relationship with them goes way back to my days at KC Watson, supplier of Hills pet products in Singapore, and i have always been impressed with their level of service that hinges on the human touch.

Maybe i should consider sending my car there for its routine servicing.

After paying S$190 (according to the serviceman, a new support base was needed) and a wait that lasted 6 hours, my car can finally recover from what was aptly described as a traumatic experience!

To play safe and also to deter any recurrence, my family has resorted to fold the side mirrors whenever we park the car. Could you even deny that it actually look cuter without the ears?!


Su Brothers' Motor Workshop (司兄弟) can be found at Block 5034, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, #01-341, Singapore 569537.


  1. This morning. The car I was riding met an accident. It hit the side mirror of the bus. You'll never know who might be involve with those many accidents happening everyday.

  2. ya! nowadays the traffic condition is getting from bad to worse with many accidents.

    i was just talking to my friend about this yesterday as we seem to see more and more of those TP signs that said fatal accident, serious accident etc.

    drive carefully! and be patient. :)


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