Monday, August 15, 2011

Korean Walnut (호두) Cake @ Carrefour (Suntec City), Singapore

While searching for kimchi (김치) at the Korean food section in Carrefour, i caught a whiff of aroma that was more alluring than the typical bakery.

My sensitive doggy nose sourced out the nearby originator; a stall selling Korean walnut cakes! I love walnuts; especially on brownies and since it was conveniently 6pm (dinner time), it was hard to resist not buying a bag.

At S$3.50 for 8 pieces with fillings (white bean, red bean and custard), the price was pretty reasonable. Reasonable is subjective - due to the monetary tightening policy adopted recently, i realised (much later) that S$3.50 could also buy me a packet of plain bee hoon for breakfast for 3 days .

But i paid for visual satisfaction! Compare a plate of mud-coloured beehoon with cakes that were made to look realistically like walnuts!

Besides the likeness, each walnut cake contained a piece of 'real' hidden walnut that could only be found in between small bites. Under the companion of cold air-conditioning at Suntec, it was a joy to hold a piece of this freshly baked cake in your hands and feel the warmth dissipate down the throat.

*note: not to be taken under the hot sun*

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