Friday, April 22, 2011

Pork Cutlet, Fried Rice & Desserts @ Tampopo Takashimaya

I am back at Tampopo again! Not totally unexpected since i did mention previously that i would be visiting this Japanese restaurant for its supposedly famous pork cutlets.

This time, i am at the branch located in the very accessible Takashimaya shopping centre. Without further ado, let's start on our meal!

Sakuraebi Fried Rice
"Sakura Ebi from Suruga Bay Japan": the words with bold red font right above the picture must have been enticing enough for fried rice guru (Alex Chiu) to give it a try.

With each grain that was plump and fused with fragrance, the taste was disappointingly normal.

There wasn't any hint of surprise from the imported sakura ebi although both of us agreed that it had a flavour that Singaporeans will find familiar; the flavour of hae bi (虾米) or otherwise known as dried shrimps.

Mentaiko Layer Pork Cutlet
A set at an additional S$4 was ordered simply because i was too hungry! It's my lunch at 4pm okay and my stomach had been growling since 11am!

The piece of beautifully fried pork cutlet. Contrary to my usual fast response when it comes to putting food in my mouth, i was actually taking the time to slowly appreciate this piece of edible artwork.

I read from this blog called that mentaiko is damn delicious! And that explains my selection of this cutlet that contained the fish roes. As you can see from the picture, the pork was layered and this should have created a more juicy variation than its whole piece cousin.

Regrettably, i found that they were pretty dry and though they might look crispy, they were really not. Thank god for the rice as it seemed to enhance the flavour of the cutlet and make it marginally better. For all we know, it could be the magic of the mentaiko.

Given one thing i was most impressed in the partaking of this dish, it has to be the soup. Delectable broth unlike your typical miso soup!

Strawberry Parfait
The parfait from Mr Curry was so memorable that i had to order this when i saw it on the menu. You can never go wrong with cornflakes and ice cream!! I should attempt this at home!

Cheese Chiffon Cake
Deliberating between the absolutely marvelous scoop cake and this super light cheese chiffon cake, i decided on the chiffon eventually for two reasons; never had it before and it's tagged with best seller.

The cheese cream came out really strong yet strangely light without that overbearing feeling that is the norm for many cheesecakes after a few bites. This fluffy cake is best served cold and really suitable as a staple for a relaxed afternoon tea.

However, I still prefer the scoop cake over this cheese chiffon cake.


391, Orchard Road,
#B2-33, Takashimaya Shopping Centre
(Right beside MOS Burger)

Sakuraebi Fried Rice - S$12.80
Mentaiko Layer Pork Cutlet (Set) - S$22
Strawberry Parfait - S$6.30
Cheese Chiffon Cake - S$5.80

Subject to GST and Service Charge

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