Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hummerstons (Montreal Poutine, Prawn Pavoratti, Hummerstons Burger, Smoked Duck Quesadilla) @ Robertson Walk (Clarke Quay), Singapore

"I live to eat"
A statement that should not appear surprising for people who really know me.

Having said that, i really don't have the financial means to try anything i want even though eating takes up a big, sizeable proportion of my monthly pay.

That when i have to thank Korny for his extensive research on good food (seriously, he is the man) and also for offering to pay every time! Damn, i feel embarrassed sometimes! Haha.

Anyway, for Kon's birthday, we visited Hummerstons - a food joint that started its operation for only a few months and yet has managed to gain quite a following.

Papaya and Tofu Shake
Tofu in drinks? Not exactly something i will order if i am given the choice. However, for foodie Kon and bitchy Alex, novelty seems to be their aim.

It tasted weird - the healthy tofu sensation was overpowering although it did give a hint of a somewhat tamer (note: less sweet) papaya soybean milkshake from Mr Bean

Banana and Coffee Shake
This was no better - tasted distinctly separated from one another even though it was a thorough mix.

The banana flavour was obvious in the first suck (of the straw that is) but what i detest most was the bitter aftertaste of coffee.

Montreal Poutine
Described as a homestyle potato and gravy combination, this is in fact the best example of mixed fries!
A mish-mash of ingredients that include my favourite roasted mushrooms, i have never had such orgasmic savoury enjoyment with natural hand-cut potatoes.
Prawn Pavoratti
Cute bow-tie pastas with huge ass egg battered prawns to beat.

Though it was a nice dish, i personally thought i could have a better meal with the high price of S$35 it commanded.
Hummerstons Burger
I am still looking for the burger that could top De Burg Decadence.

This Hummerstons burger is almost on the same wavelength as DB burger with only one major difference. The salty and almost rock-hard bacon was a stumbling block to fully enjoy it.

On its own, the warm burger bun had a well received saccharine flavour whereas the beef patty was decently juicy (expected since the doneness was medium).

Nothing's lost yet. This orange colour dip for the accompanying hand-cut potato fries won the hearts of both Kon and myself! It seemed to be a union of tomato sauce, mayo and maybe a pinch of wasabi! *i realised later that this is actually a chilli-tomato aioli (garlic mayo)*

Smoked Duck Quesadilla
The first-look impression was not impressive. Countable pieces of duck breast meat hidden within four tortillas definitely would not relate well to a meat person like myself.

With the above in mind, i was caught by surprise when i took a bite! The velvety soft tortilla was delicious with a spread of delectable pesto. There's a hint of fruity sweetness that added to the delicious factor.

Since ratty Alex is well known to take only nibblers, i grabbed his share (with little resistance) to further research the reason for such sweetness.

That's it! Slices of roasted pears! Yummy!


11 Unity Street,
#02-14, Robertson Walk
(Near Mohamed Sultan Road)

For reservation, call 63738863

Papaya and Tofu Shake - S$7.50
Banana and Coffee Shake - S$6.50
Montreal Poutine - S$19.00
Prawn Pavoratti - S$35.00
Hummerstons Burger - S$24.00
Smoked Duck Quesadilla - S$26.00

Subject to GST and Service Charge

Additional Information
Alfresco area is available for those crazy patrons who prefer to stay outdoors in this hot weather! Cavin and his companions shall relax in the cozy indoors with cool air-conditioning.

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