Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stupid Ass Driver - Side Mirror Torn Off!

Now, imagine my expression when i walked leisurely to the parking lot where my car was to find the above scene. 'What The F*CK (WTF)!' - an expression that is short and to the point!

The detective in me concluded that the bloody shit of a stupid driver must have turned the car too early despite the relatively big parking space i gave the night before.

C'mon, the entire side mirror was practically ripped off the durable plastic base! The force must have been tremendous enough to inflict such damaging injuries to my car (and my pocket).

In case you think that the culprit is honest enough to leave a note to apologise (and maybe offer some monetary compensation), there isn't any! Damn f*cker! To think that i ignorantly thought i could have a good chilli crab meal when my pay comes in next week.

At this moment, the side mirror is lying (peacefully) on the dashboard and is waiting for resuscitation on Saturday. I am already so busy with work and this had to happen!

ARGH!!!!! By the way, you may buy 5946 for 4D this weekend. If you manage to win some money, you know what you should do.


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