Sunday, March 07, 2010

Buckaroo BBQ & Grill (Onion Rings, Cock & Bull Combo, Fish and Chips, Buckaroo's Texan Pizza)

In relation to my last memorable visit HERE, another visit is necessary for a more extensive sampling, with more people.

The last round was a disappointing two dishes.
This time, we brought to you a total of four!!

Without further ado, here goes.

Onion Rings
A very simple dish.. presented in a very unique form.

I have always loved onions (fried and even raw) for its distinctive flavour and the fact that it can complement a lot of food; like porridge, pizzas etc etc.

And don't think this is an ONION-FLAVORED one hor.
It's not! Made of 100% REAL ONION okay?!

Cock & Bull Combo
Don't you love the vulgar title?!?! At roughly 800 grams, this is no small cock bull! Unfortunately, there's nothing big about the taste.

The Prime Rib of Beef (left) was too fatty and the Country Style Chicken Chop (right) was........ eh..... too common! Still prefer the lip smacking honey style chicken chop from Old Airport Road hawker centre!

Fish and Chips
Usually, Mr Kon, Ms SaNeVa and I will never order this common dish unless the eatery is damn famous for it. BUT, our little boy man, Mr Chiu, loves Fish and Chips. And he is always searching for this dish on the menu whenever we dine.

The batter was really good with a crispy cover yet maintaining a moist, tender content.  


Oh, the others sucked by the way! Potato wedges were not palatable, the coleslaw had not much of a flavour and the garlic bread was too hard!

Failed failed failed!!!

Buckaroo's Texan Pizza
Not outstanding!
Please do not infer "not outstanding" as bad because it really wasn't.

Maybe it was the ingredients (beef, chicken, mushroom, onion, olives and gherkin) or maybe it was me. Living in Singapore means i am subject to a lot of 'fusion' pizzas like bak kwa or teriyaki pizza, both of which i enjoyed a lot!! 

At least, this cowboy pizza was piping hot from the oven with very sticky cheese and a generous spread of ingredients!


Additional Information
Concerned about the pricing? Here it is, for your consideration

Onion Rings = Dun Remember but There Are Two Sizes
Cock & Bull Combo = $42.80
Fish and Chips = $19.80
Buckaroo's Texan Pizza = $21.00

Kindly add a 7% GST and tip if you cannot find fault with the service! 

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