Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Buckaroo BBQ & Grill (Buffalo Wings and Rack of Veal in Porcini Cream) @ Andrews Avenue (Near Sembawang Park)

The first time i saw the neon signboard, i thought it meant Australian cuisine, with the decor being outback influenced, many knick knacks displayed prominently everywhere and Australia being synonymous with kangaroo.

Buckaroo sounds like a kangaroo with buck teeth, as my brain told me.

Back then, my super nice maternal uncle treated me to pork chop. Skeptical initially since i wasn't a big pork chop fan!! Details are pretty fuzzy after a few years but at the very least, i still remember how delicious it was.

Fast forward to my recent trip to Buckaroo.

Eating too much during the spring festival made me really guilty and a promise was made to eat sparingly.

For two persons who are trying to lose some weight, we only ordered half a dozen of buffalo wings and a main dish deliciously titled Rack of Veal in Porcini Cream. There's even a well cautioned warning the dish is pretty addictive!

Buffalo Wing #3
My last acquaintance with this dish can be read HERE. #10 was just too much! #3 was nice but lacked the shiokness! K.I.S.S (picture attached above).

Rack of Veal in Porcini Cream
One one hand, at S$42.80 a plate, the price was steep!! On the other hand, the portion was huge!!

Van looked me. I looked her.
Both looked at the dish.

F the promise!!!

The whip potato was unlike any i had before! I hate whip potato and find it a waste of calories for something so mundane and tasteless.  But this one here had.......... such a different taste; so yummy i took a scoop, another scoop until i finished roughly half (not an easy feat!). Didn't manage to finish everything because Vanessa was busy snacking on it too!!

The sauce (porcini cream) accompanying the rack was creamy thick and had a tasty fragrance that made it so heavenly;worthy of the addictive warning on the menu!! Too much of course can be relatively overbearing.

The veal looked like whitish (though veal means young cattle?) and depending on which part you start from, the texture differs. The meat was not as flavoured infused compared to beef and this was when the cream became the hero in enhancing the meat.

Pardon me.
Because i didn't know that the salad like thingy was ratouille! Remember the cartoon movie talking about a rat with a flair for high class french cuisine. 

Downgraded to a side dish here, it didn't lose its goodness and was like a good plate of spaghetti without the pasta.


12B, Andrews Avenue.
Very near to Sembawang Beach Park.

Opening Hours
4pm to 10.30pm
Closed on Tuesday

Additional Information
Proudly declaring itself as an "ang moh" style coffee shop located in an ulu location, the price is definitely not coffee shop prices.

Service was commendable although there is no 10% service charge!! Tipping is the culture to go in Buckaroo. Ice water is also provided at no extra charge!!

Food pictures were taken from iPhone.

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