Monday, February 09, 2015

Mohamed Sultan Road Hot & Cold Cheng Tng @ Zion Riverside Food Centre [Opposite Great World City]

Since i got sick in Maldives, my taste buds have been craving for something sweet as most items i stuffed into my mouth appeared to be relatively tasteless. Hence, i could not resist checking out this cheng tng stall at Zion road hawker centre when i was there recently on a hot afternoon! 

In comparison to traditional cheng tng, this version heavily depended on the sugar syrup rather than a cooling, traditional ingredient-infused broth that i was looking forward to take a sip from. Yes, no doubt a disappointment even though it was terribly satisfying to satisfy the need for something sweet.

Dig underneath the ice for the "liao" (Hokkien for ingredients). While soup was the main draw for most, if not all, cheng tng stalls in Singapore, the simple canned longan, lychees and ginkgo in this bowl of "unique" kind of draw the attention away. Lovers of traditional cheng tng may choose to avoid this stall. 


70 Zion Road, Stall 32, 
Zion Riverside Food Centre
[Opposite Great World City]

As above

For Motorists
Parking lots are in severe shortage next to the food centre. I would strongly recommend car drivers to park at the Great World City and walk over. 

Cold Cheng Tng - S$1.50

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