Sunday, February 22, 2015

KBB Korean BBQ Buffet @ Clementi City Vibe Mall [Opposite Clementi MRT Station]

It has been a long while since i last stepped into a buffet restaurant and i was in fact looking forward to having a satisfying, fulfilling meal at KBB Korean BBQ Buffet. This meal shall make up for the kilos i lost in Maldives

The decor was quite chic without relying too much on Korean symbolic yet traditional decoration. I did request for permission before taking the above photograph and was given the go-ahead. 

Only exception was the stretch of food section; frankly, with the prevalence of mobile cameras, it may earn the restaurant goodwill by either allowing photography or disallowing it totally. Having a half rule is just irritating. 

Nevertheless, my review continues; albeit with reduced enthusiasm. There wasn't any label at the raw food section and i could only roughly guess what the meat was; luckily i can still differentiate the red from the white. 

Variety was quite extensive (if only i know exactly what the meat was and the kind of marination that went into it) and if i recall correctly, there was soup and fruits. As with most buffets, there were free flow drinks like barley tea.

Grab their cooked food! The jap chae might not be as heavenly as the one in Bornga but it was absolutely irresistible; i had it more than the expensive meat! Enjoyed the Ddeokbokki too!

On the barbecued items, i am honestly unimpressed; the marination was weak in many instances and we had to make use of the sauces to season the meat further. Maybe that's the authentic Korean way even though i didn't face an issue in Ju Shin Jung?

Oh, before i miss this information out, you are required to evict after two hours. That's the time limit given to diners.


3151, Commonwealth Avenue,
#02-05, City Vibe Mall [Next to Clementi Mall]

Operating Hours
Lunch: 11 am to 3 pm
Dinner: 5 pm to 10 pm
[Open Daily]

Contact Number


As above. The + sign refers to Service Charge.
No GST was imposed.

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