Monday, February 23, 2015

Another CNY Routine - Visiting My Maternal Uncle's House on the Second Day of Lunar New Year!

Paying a visit to my mother's youngest brother is a must during lunar new year and the assigned day for "open house" has always been the second day! This time, i was tasked to buy yusheng for lo-hei as the coffee shops near my uncle's place were not open for business.

A steamboat feast was waiting for me; large tiger prawns, baby abalones, fresh squid, squiggly sea cucumber accompanied by CP chicken wings and nuggets! Food aside, it was of course awesome to mingle with my cousins, aunties and uncles! 

Time for Lo-Hei! Jerald had memorised those auspicious 4-character words for ingredients mixed into the basic set of shredded vegetables. 大吉大利 (for the sour plum), 金银满屋 (for peanuts), 年年有余 (for the salmon), 遍地黄金 (for that crispy stuff), just to name a few. 

Mayhem as everyone attempted to toss the ingredients as high as possible and mix them as thoroughly as they could! 

The final product.

Jovyn with two of her cousins. She might be the shortest and youngest but weight wise; she won both of them hands down. Poor gal was teased relentless on her chubbiness even though all of them could hardly resist her cuteness. 

Sexy Louise and Jerald - by the way, Jerald wasn't wearing pyjamas lah! After this photograph, someone stole my Olympus TG-3 and from hearsay, he / she had been disturbing everyone by snapping candid shots!

The first victim was me!! Anyway, the TG-3 is said to be shockproof and i guess it would child-friendly enough for this particular kid to go around the house.

Over a hundred photographs were taken with a high percentage that turned out to be too unfocused, overly bright and / or crap. The above was one of the better ones. 

The portraits he / she took of relatives were pretty good but as they were candid, the expressions were pretty hilarious and i thought i should not cause my relatives any embarrassment. 

My cousin, Joie who is eleven years my junior! As our families are close, i see her very often and even though she might deny this, i don't think i have any generation gap with her! Hahahaha.

This was only half strength! Some were in the bedrooms, others were in the kitchen and i have yet to include those who were still digging into the steamboat!

A shot of my lovely cousin whom i have not seen for ages! So pretty now and i just realised she works in a reputable steakhouse; damn, i miss my red meat!

A selfie by the culprit! 

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