Thursday, February 05, 2015

Bikini Beach on Maafushi Island [Maldives]

Remember the above notice? Some of you might ask "then what's the purpose of going to Maldives?! Believe me, guys would raise the same question as they are in fact looking out for ladies in bikinis!

Please be assured that there was in reality one stretch of beach in Maafushi (known more as a local island rather than an exclusive islet) where you can wear your trunks / bikinis and this place was conveniently located outside Kaani Beach Hotel

Look out for the bunched up dried coconut tree leaves that made up the perimeter of the beach and be rewarded by a view that was truly "Maldivian" standard.

Like the above.

Unlike other beaches in Maafushi, this was the one patronised by most foreigners given its special standing on the island; the opportunity to be more than half naked!

To be fair, the view wasn't the best in Maldives as many islands boasted much better scenery but as far as i am concerned, this was good enough for a dip! 

Step further in and the picture was no longer that postcard perfect! This might a tad disappointing for those who were looking forward to that perfect honeymoon; if that's the expectation, do consider forking out that at least S$600 a night accommodation in that exclusive resort island.

I am perfectly fine with my S$150 a night hotel and i thought the sunset was just as spectacular in Maafushi! Maybe just for your information, there were quite a few restaurants next to the bikini beach where you can have a romantic, sunset dinner!

Two other breathtaking sunset photos for your viewing pleasure! 


As above

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