Tuesday, February 03, 2015

US$10 Buffet @ Arena Beach Hotel [Maafushi Island, Maldives]

As i was wandering alone around the small town of Maafushi, something at the corner of my mind caught my immediate attention; dinner buffet at only US$10!? 

Anyway, the staff was in the midst of preparation and i promised to return when the sun set. The promise was kept although we had to navigate quiet and sometimes dark lanes in order to get there. I exaggerated a bit since it was no less than five minutes away from Kaani Beach hotel.

An outdoor romantic setting coupled with comfortable sea breeze and the pounding sea waves made up the dinner venue that day; hardly appropriate for two full grown, hungry men. 

Whatever the case, it was the food that i was really looking forward to. This line was only one of three lines available that day; the other two being a BBQ counter and the dessert table.

First few items on my plate; the barbecued stuff! Knowing fish was the main diet for any Maldivian, i asked for two types of fish, a piece of chicken and sausages. The BBQ fish didn't had much taste saved for being a bit fish; chicken was too tough for my liking with minimal seasoning and well, the sausages were the best of the lot!

The two chicken cubes were once again a disappointment (hard, too salty) and the spaghetti wasn't impressive. The fish fingers (not in the picture) were really good even though i chose to believe it was because they were freshly fried.

Desserts were nothing to shout about; normal bread pudding and chocolate cake. For US$10 (exclusive of service charge and tax) per person, i am honestly not complaining. 


At Arena Beach Hotel

As above

Buffet Menu
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