Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Rubbish Dump @ Maafushi Island [Maldives]

Contrary to what you see on the web and on official travel guidebooks, Maldives isn't just the sun, the turquoise sea and the sandy beach. Like any country, including Singapore, there is always the problem of rubbish, especially with plane-loads of tourists from all over the world. 

As an island inhabited by the locals, it would be even less necessary to "hide" the problem in Maafushi and there existed a section on that island, right by the crystal clear water, reserved unconditionally for garbage. 

Was i aware before the trip? 

Definitely as it was talked about in quite a few blogs. However, i was expecting rubbish similar to what we found in Singapore; careless, inconsiderate actions by a few and on a much smaller scale than the shocking sight above. 

It was obviously a dumping ground for all unwanted stuff and the lack of proper disposal was worrying for a country that is 99% water. Imagine the pollution that would eventually dirty and cloud the water; one of the main draws for travellers! 

I can find things ranging from plastic water bottles, shoes, Styrofoam boxes etc and it's a sombre reminder that i, as a tourist, was part of the problem here. For one, i would always buy bottles of mineral water when i am overseas. 

You know what's worse? The garbage was also burnt and the end results were poisonous fumes enveloping the immediate surrounding! 

Now, are you still thinking that all of Maldives is paradise? 

[Update from a local in Maafushi] 
The rubbish will be taken once a month to the trash island by a bigger boat.


Location Map
For those interested to get there or avoid the place, you may refer to the map as above (rubbish dump demarcated in red)

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  1. Hey still demand us to have more space!!!huh!

    1. I would appreciate if you could be more descriptive with your comment. And please be careful with your words; I believe only a dummy would call others dummies.

  2. And only photographed the garbage site!!!trying to boycott maldivian tourism!!i will file a complaint to the ministry of tourism about this!!

    1. I believe you have yet read the rest of my postings on Maldives that centred on her beauty and the fun I had.

      Kindly visit for a better picture.

      Instead of rambling and crying over this post, why not lobby your government to do something about the eyesore? You can complain to the ministry of tourism about this and maybe you can also do something about the many comments with regards to the garbage site that are on tripadvisor.

      No country is perfect (my country isn’t) and for one who is not accepting to any criticism, do yourself a favour by googling for any bad reviews on Maldives and forwarding them to the ministry for their action.