Saturday, February 07, 2015

Hambaobao - Meet Between Two Buns @ Beauty World Food Centre [Bukit Timah]

With an affectionate name guaranteed to ring a bell of familiarity among Mandarin speaking Singaporeans, i would say the operator has taken the right step in having a good name for its new venture. 

However, there's only so much an appropriately named label can do; what matters most in this case is the quality of food and i shall get started by ordering their classic beef burger! 

Note - i was still recovering from the viral fever and this may affect my taste buds somewhat. And before i forget, the fairy fries you see in the photograph before cost an additional S$1.50; made from real, sliced potatoes, they were quite nice to munch on and differed from typical french fries. 

So what else can you find aside from the thick beef patty and two lightly toasted buns? There were pickles, handmade tomato sauce, lettuce, cheese and caramelised onions. 

Judging from my declaration in the third paragraph, i guess it isn't hard to second guess my verdict. I wasn't impressed with the classic beef. Granted the patty was juicy, thick and meaty, there was seriously nothing extremely memorable about the whole burger which could have benefited from more onions and unconventional buns that had sesame seeds.


Block 144, Upper Bukit Timah,
#04-49, Beauty World Centre,
Singapore 588177 

As above! 

The Classic Beef - S$4.50

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