Saturday, February 21, 2015

Repair of My Olympus STYLUS TG-3 Tough @ Singapore Service Centre

If you have yet to read the blog post on my Maldives itinerary, you might not have been aware that my brand new underwater camera had suffered from a serious bout of water damage!

Let me explain; i was 100% sure the two catches on the casing were secure and after a bit of canoeing with a couple of bumps to the camera (note, it was said to be shockproof too), a fellow traveller notified me that the catch was open! 

Too late - water had seeped in and the camera was hence rendered non-operational! Super duper sian lor; i was lucky i brought along my iPad mini and this allowed me to take more photographs (like the one above) for the purpose of my travelogue! :(

Upon returning to Singapore, i knew i had to check with Olympus service centre although i am sorely aware that water damage is most likely the fault of the user and the warranty would not be honoured. However, the quality of the catch was not a result of my negligence and i should bear no responsibility for this damage. 

I was all prepared to share my frustration and didn't even attempt to check out the numerous cameras and accessories on display in the waiting area. Must compose myself before the battle mah.

It's a pity i didn't get the name of the service staff attending to my queue number as he was very professional about my issue; not once did he point the finger at me and accused me it was my fault. In reality, he assured me that the engineer would check it out.

Last look of the dead camera before it was sent for investigation; as you can see from the edges of the LCD screen, rust has already set in. Both my batteries were also collected back as i could not recall which was the one affected by the seawater. 

Imagine my surprise when an Olympus personnel called me 5 days later to get a replacement for the damaged Olympus! I am so, so thankful as i really like the underwater pictures taken by the camera! 

To Olympus, thanks for investigating! 
And to the gentleman who assisted me, thank you too! :) 

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