Saturday, February 14, 2015

Singapore Traditional Ice Cream with a Twist @ Pagoda Street [Chinatown]

Speaking of our local traditional ice cream, it's not hard to find them nowadays as they could be commonly found outside crowded MRT stations and at popular tourist districts. 

Generally, i felt that the taste of the scooped ice cream was somewhat about the same (likely same manufacturer) and when Joyce notified me of a vendor that was different. you should have seen the expression of utter disbelief on my face! 

 I had to give it a try, especially when i was in the vicinity. As expected, you would be given a choice of having your ice cream on a cone, wrapped with a slice of soft, coloured bread or in a plastic cup.

Opted for the cup as the cone and bread would further derail my carbo-limited diet! Darn, those weight i lost back in Maldives is slowly crawling back to my body! :(

In a nutshell, it sure didn't deviate from the usual traditional ice cream i remember that came in flavours like attap chee, sweet corn and chocolate, except for one factor; the adding of crunchy peanuts that reminded me of the must-have coconut ice cream in Chatuchak Weekend Market


Location Map.
As above (at the end of Pagoda Street). Walk straight all the way from Exit A of Chinatown MRT Station. 


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