Friday, February 13, 2015

A Surprise Find - Where Baby Sharks Lurked @ Maafushi Island [Maldives]

While tourists like myself were busy signing up for snorkeling trips to Shark Point where we could catch a glimpse of the elusive sharks, i found them in the least likely place; at a quiet spot in the local Maafushi Island! 

From far, i didn't spot anything unusual except for rocks jutting out from the seabed. It was only upon a closer look that i realised there were 'things' being dragged in by the tide. 

A shiver of baby sharks; i counted no less than 20 and the poor things didn't have the strength and power to go against the strong tide! 

My lack of knowledge for the underwater world is a fact i continuously inform many and i would appreciate if you could refrain from asking me what breed of sharks they are! Reef sharks i guess?

Alex had to climb down for a better look! Kind soul he was; he wanted to catch and throw them into the open sea so that they could reunite with their worried parents! 


Secret but i would share in my next Maldives post. 
p.s. it would be a long post! 

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  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    hi there! where is this secret spot? :) i'm going to maafushi on nov. 1 :)

    1. You can refer to the map (i have indicated the spot under "baby sharks") on Have a good trip!