Sunday, February 08, 2015

The 'Fruits' of Sun Tanning

Like many who returned from a beach vacation, i am "blessed" to have dead skin peeling off my back like a snake going through molting! However, i guess i sun tanned far too much in this trip to Maldives!  

Because this is the first time i had skin peeling off my calves! It has always been the back but my endless snorkeling (before i fell sick) must have taken its toll.

Nevertheless, the morbid sicko in me could not deny the exhilaration of slowly peeling off the dead skin and seeing if it is a possibility to have a piece that extends as long as it could be! 

So far, my attempts have been disappointing. It was fun seeing Jovyn getting all disgusted by the pieces of dead skin though. Hahaha. Maybe i should put all of them in a glass bottle and pass it to her the next time i see her. *evil uncle* 

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