Saturday, December 10, 2011

7 Wonders 4 [Magical Mystery Tour] by Mumbo Jumbo for iPhone

My addiction with iPhone games after office hours remains unabated with the recent purchase of a few games; hence, the seemingly lack of long posts in this blog!

One game takes the top spot for endless thumbing till the wee hours; Seven Wonders (4th edition) by Mumbo Jumbo.

Game play wise, it is simple. Line up the coloured elements to break the soil so that you can construct the mythological buildings in stages (numbering at least five, depending on how fast you can collect those basic elements like bricks, water, leaves and jewels).

Four levels of difficulties are available [zen, normal, advanced, insane] and key difference is the acceleration of time limit for completing each stage.

Satisfaction is guaranteed as i see the legendary building slowly materialises.

As the topic informed, these wonders are shrouded in mystery and no one has ever found the exact location although legends have been told for hundreds and possibly thousands of years. The most famous would be the mystical island of Atlantis.

The first time i experienced the Seven Wonders game was via Playstation Portable (PSP) and though i was hooked, the magnitude is mild compared to the current iPhone edition

For one, i strive for 4-star rating [attained if you are able to complete the wonder PLUS mini games in the minimum number of levels aka stages]!

Ultimately, the aim is to complete all the challenges for this iphone app - my last challenge was to build all the wonders under the insane difficulty, which is i finally did this morning! Yoooohoooo!

Try to beat my score!
This app is purchased for US$0.99 via App Store [update 11 Dec 11: according to my friend, Hannah, the price has increased to US$2.99!] 

Hm..... so what's next?

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