Saturday, August 20, 2011

Katong Char Kway Teow (炒果条) @ Fu Sen Eating House (富馨餐室) - East Coast Road

It's supposed to be just a cup of coffee that is essential to increase my alertness for driving. However, something caught the attention of my eye as i sat down on a table of this corner coffeeshop (koptiam) along East Coast Road

"Katong" and "Extra Ingredient Fried Kuay Teow Mee" - although the word katong does not necessarily mean anything, the intense aroma of wok-hei frying said otherwise. I had to order a plate even though it was ridiculously priced at S$3.50 a plate!

Weirdly, a small lime was given. This is the norm for hokkien mee but i don't remember ever seeing one on char kway teow! Oh well, might as well squeeze it since it comes together.

Another out-of-the-norm surprise was the stalks of humongous bean sprouts that remained fat and crunchy after withstanding super high temperature in the wok!

For a person who always asks for extra black, extra sweet for his char kway teow, i like this "katong" version that balances very well between the two opposing tastes; salty and sweet.

Both mom and i agreed that the chilli sauce played a very important role in this dish. Instead of chilli paste, chicken rice chilli sauce was used. Tell me, isn't that uniquely different?!

This char kway teow should belong to a class of its own! Delicious indeed.


228 East Coast Road

S$3.50 for a regular

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