Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ramen Play (拉面玩家) @ Junction 8

It's been a long time since the last craving for ramen struck me! To put it politically correct, i do crave for it at times but that feeling can only be described as a fleeting moment.

Having ramen vouchers totally change the ball game especially when it's the last day of usage!

Money-faced me will never forgive myself for missing the damned deadline and with that, i forced my mom to accompany me for my virgin visit to Ramen Play.

It was dinner time and some of you might know that i am desperately trying to lose some fats! A big bowl of ramen is a big NO NO at night! That's when i have to thank the management for offering mini combo meals!

Firstly, let's have a picture of what my dearest mommy had; Unagi Toji Set that came with miso soup and pearly rice. It's sizzling hot with sweet marinated Japanese eel and loads of eggs; a good combination of course!

Next coming up is my mini combo set, which came with a free ice lemon tea (other choices include iced green tea, ice oolong tea, pepsi and 7-up).

Misomaki Katsu was my selection for side dish; a deep fried mini pork cutlet that hid a few pieces of vegetables under a layer of cheese.

Given my low level of affection for katsu, i was again not blown away by this. Anyone can recommend the best katsu in Singapore? Let me know and i will try it out!

Chef-recommended Sanpou Shoyu was my obvious choice for ramen! Why choose something over a chef recommendation? Doesn't really make sense unless you are very picky with what you want to have. By the way, the egg failed in its appearance; the yoke is supposed to be gooey sticky.

Simmered for twelve hours, i was most impressed with this clear, simple broth. It was uncomplicated and gave a refreshing sensation that was just.... different.

The Cha Shu and Buta Kabuni were so filled with meat juices that i was relishing every bite and deterring my mom from having more than a small little bite! My argument of how fattening they were worked favourably on my side.


I will go for the normal-sized bowl next time!

9, Bishan Place, #01-51

(housed within this standalone building right outside Bishan MRT Station)

Other Outlets
Look above

Unagi Toji Set - S$14.80
Mini Combo Meal - S$13.80

Subject to GST and Service Charge

Additional Information
The basic mini combo meal is S$11.80 and is available till 14 July 2011. Five ramen are available for this combo and some of them may require a cash top-up.

This is something that enhances the tastes of almost everything! Garlic chips that are nice to eat even on its own!

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