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A&W Restaurant in Bird Paradise (Public Area) @ Singapore

What's your childhood memory of fast food? For most people of my generation, it would be McDonald's but for me; A&W was the most memorable! Sadly, it closed its last outlet in 2003, when I was merely a young adult still incapable of holding a full time job.

Thankfully, it made a comeback in 2019 and I guess the latest branch for The Great Root Bear would be this particular branch at Bird Paradise! p.s. I have had A&W a few times since its reopening but usually for its desserts. 

Ordering through the self service kiosk! p.s. it was expected that pricing would be much higher here but we were, simply put, too hungry! Here's what we had.

A&W Root Beer - first up would be the drinks, and I absolutely can't resist A&W frosted mug root beer! Best when it comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Absolutely delish and thirst quenching! Those who know me well would be aware I am not a fan of carbonated drinks; only exception would be root beer, especially if it's from A&W!

Mozza Burger - Dad went with this beef burger that looked totally mouthwatering on the digital screen menu! Although it's for my dad, I can't wait to unravel the beauty within, and hopefully steal a small bite.

The situation when actual differs from illustration! The bun was soft and nice but for a burger, I would say there's no way I am going back for this average tasting yet pricey S$9.30 burger.

Golden Aroma Chicken - I go weak for fried chicken and this order was a no brainer for both Joyce and I since we had been on a starch restricted diet for the longest time! 

Said to be hand breaded, I must say I was surprised that the flavor of the batter was pretty good; okay, maybe not as herb-and-spice as KFC but sufficient for me to consider re-ordering in the future! I also love that the batter wasn't too thick, and the meat was incredibly juicy!

Waffle with Butter and Syrup - while the root beer is a must-order whenever I patronize A&W restaurants; the waffle is the second item that I most frequently have. With three of us, it's a given the waffle would be a dessert staple! p.s. not counted as starch in my contradicting opinion.

Butter, syrup and waffle; the very best combination!
Sinful it sure is; and not good for someone trying to lose weight.

Batter was green?! Why did it deviate from the usual waffle with butter and syrup? I took a closer look at the menu; right here at A&W branch in Bird Paradise, they served pandan flavored waffle! Why, why, why!? 

I love pandan but not in waffle form, and it didn't help that the exterior wasn't crisp! Furthermore, the texture was chewy; a major letdown for my taste buds and an utter waste of calories! 

Grudgingly cleaned up everything. I was telling myself; "Cavin, please open your eyes big big and note the name of the waffle the next time you are at A&W"! 


20 Mandai Lake Rd, #02-01,
Bird Paradise, Singapore 729825

As above. 

As above.

A&W Root Beer - S$3.70
A&W Root Beer Float - S$4.90
Mozza Burger - S$9.30
Golden Aroma Chicken - S$23.90 (6 pieces) 
Waffle with Butter and Syrup - S$9.60
(Inclusive of GST)

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