Monday, March 28, 2011

Sci-Fi City Zone (Battlestar Galactica) @ Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

Sci-Fi City is the place where excitement begins in Universal Studios Singapore!

Yes people, it's the very venue of the tallest dueling roller coasters in the world at 42.5 meters, named as Battlestar Galactica!

Before we start the battle, training is necessary at the Accelerator! The dizzying round and round rotation is guaranteed to induce stomach churning at some point. Well, at least for me. I suck at such rides..

Each zone has its own mascots (for example, Charlie Chaplin in New York Zone) although i have no idea what these are. Some freaky offspring between humans and machines?

At least i can identify this! An insect mutant! By the way, i would love to try out that pair of springy hooves! Not the gaudy attire though since the hot weather can effectively kill me!

Let's now begin with the battle! Firstly, a panoramic view just to give you a rough idea on the length of the roller coasters.

Next, let's focus on its height, which doesn't look that high to me. The tallest rollers coaster in the world stands at 139 meters! You wimps (for example: me) are still complaining about this shortie here at only 42.5 meters?!

Many people are not sure what duelling roller coasters mean. See the red track and the blue track? The battle of the galaxy is between two competitive groups with each one taking charge of one track.

Cylon, known as the blue track, belongs to the robots. The technological advanced race features an inverted track filled with corkscrews, cobra roll and 360 degrees turn. Human, termed as the red track, is much tamer albeit with a stronger G-force.

Starting at exactly the same time, the two tracks meet each other at quite a few intervals. Weirdly, i didn't notice the other track while screaming my lungs off along the scary blue one.

The robots' track is definitely more thrilling (with heart stopping moments) except that when you are only starting to enjoy it, the ride is over! Damn, can't they make this track a compulsory 20 minutes ride???

Safety nets are more for the protection of those walking on the grounds and not so much for retrieval of your personal belongings like coins, sandals, wallets and even handphones falling out of your pockets. To make it worse, if your mobile (for example) drops out, bounces off the net and hits a tourist, you are liable for compensation!!!

Signs showing the waiting times are really helpful for good planning. The theme park isn't very big so running is not so much a problem in order to catch a ride with a mere 5 minutes wait!

Typically, i feel that exciting rides are not as crowded (hence, a lesser waiting time) after 3pm. My friends patiently waited for more than an hour in the morning to take the duelling roller coasters!   


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  1. Haha I've seen those Alien Guards/ Creatures before as well! I don't think they appear anymore. I think for Sci-Fi City, it's just the Autobots for now. A lot of characters are gone, sadly, including Fairy Godmother, the O'Connells from the Mummy, Egyptian Guards (the Anubis guards still remain) etc.

    1. Hallo! I think it is good to renew the mascots / characters. Since the expiry of my annual pass, i have yet to be back at USS. :P


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