Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Monga (艋舺) - The King Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken & Fried Chicken Skin @ JEM [Jurong, Singapore] #mongasingapore #jem

My love for fried chicken is quite obvious when i need to have my fix on a WEEKLY basis and it could range from the slightly more expensive range from Arnold's Chicken in Yishun Ten to the cheaper happiness plate (3-piece) from the western stall in the nearby coffee shop. 

Taiwanese fried chicken is another option and it's amazing that there are, in fact, quite a number of stalls offering it. The original one is Shilin, then Hot Star; today, i am going to review Monga (艋舺) which opened its first store at JEM a few months ago! 

There was a lot of hoo-ha and knowing myself; i didn't want to join in the fray and only got to trying it a few days ago when the queue had yet to build up at about noon on a Saturday. Ordering was fuss free with the use of a self-service kiosk where you indicate what you want, key in the 'pager number', pay and then wait. 

Less than five minutes and the pager rang! Collected my basket filled with two paper bags. Thankfully, i had two other friends with me and it makes better to sense to order more given the 'expanded' capacity for sharing.

The obvious must-have was the The King Fried Chicken; i would have usually stopped at just the signature but when my eyes caught sight of the words "chicken skin"; i just couldn't resist! 

Fried Chicken Skin - i love chicken skin in the grilled and fried form although strangely, i couldn't stomach steamed chicken skin. Nonetheless, these were in rather large pieces like pork rinds.

They were delish; fried to a crisp with a batter that wasn't too thick, it didn't leave an oily stain on my fingers and taste wise, the seasoning was just right with a good balance of pepper and salt that still allow us to savour the goodness of chicken skin.  

The King Style Fried Chicken - everyone was like showing how big the patty was on instagram (comparable to a human head) and i think it's a norm for us to match the game! It's huge lah but correct me if i am wrong; most Taiwanese style fried chicken brands are always talking about the size of their fried chicken! 

Most importantly is still the taste factor and i must say i am darn impressed with the thickness of the patty and its corresponding juiciness that wasn't a result of being overly oily! 

Seasoning, similar to the chicken skin, wasn't overwhelming and the batter was also rather thin! My peers and i had a great time chomping down the fried chicken; until it left with just bones! Is it possible for Monga to open a branch in Northpoint? 


50 Jurong Gateway Rd, 
#B1-K10 Jem, 
Singapore 608549

As above.

Fried Chicken Skin - S$3.90
The King Style Fried Chicken - S$6.90

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