Saturday, December 15, 2018

Asiatique, The Waterfront 2018 @ Bangkok [Thailand]

Frequent travellers to Bangkok would be well acquainted with Asiatique, The Waterfront; a purpose-built night market that's classier, tidier and cooler than others. 

I frequently paid it a visit whenever i am in Bangkok and even within this blog, it was covered as part of the 3 days, 2 nights itinerary in 2014, and more extensively in 2016 when i wrote about my 6 days, 5 nights trip

Asiatique is always a nice place to stroll around; aside from shopping, there's a good variety of food outlets and numerous artefacts and statues, depicting Siam in the old days, that you would have a fun time taking pictures with.

However, it didn't seem as crowded on the Friday night that i was there. With so many nights markets commanding for attention, i guess the industry's rather competitive, especially when pricing at Asiatique is known to be skewed towards the tourists.

I didn't take that many photos this time as I had shot a ton of them two years ago and the kind of items for sale at the shops are rather similar. You may click here for the pictures taken in 2016

Rice milk soap - the item that my mom requested for me to buy for her this time. Price comparison is a must and i got a way cheaper deal at Big C Supercentre on my last day

Pong Pong seeds - while they could be a nice addition to my boring black and white concept apartment, i did note that eventually, you would have to plant them on the ground with fertilizers so that they can continue to grow into trees! 

These giraffes with thin, skinny necks would look great as a decorative piece for home but the key concern is "what if i break its neck while transporting it from Bangkok back to Singapore"?! Given how clumsy i am; i had to give this a miss too.

Again, i failed to take the ferris wheel! Every time, i would say i must take it but once i am there for real, i would balk at paying for the ridiculous ticket and stick to taking pictures instead. I honestly don't see why a round on the ferris wheel can cost me Singapore 17 dollars (400 Thai Baht)! 

Interesting find - grilled whole crocodile
Click here for more information! 

Keeping this one to the last as Alex might force me to remove this photo! Disregard his stubble and short hair and i think he would look pretty cool in drag!


Check out my 2016 posting here

As above.

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