Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fresh Fruits Lab (Z Edition) Cafe - A Great Place to Chill After Work near National University of Singapore (NUS) @ 28 Clementi Road [Singapore] @freshfruitslabz

I have worked in NUS for more than 10 years now, with a 6-month break in between, and while i am aware of the row of shophouses said to be the supper haunt for students, i don't visit often and hence, jumped at the opportunity when a fellow colleague suggested having dinner + drinks at the first shop right after the Kent Ridge bus terminal.

Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL) cafe - the name itself conjured images of new age diet but the drinks i mentioned earlier would be frowned upon by nutritionists! Anyway, the previous incarnation for the shop was blue willow cafe which i heard rave reviews of from friends and FFL is under the same management.

The interior was a bit too much of a 2D cartoon although it's still better than simple, plain yet boring walls! In blue willow cafe's time, i understand the whole place was a literal avatar-like environment!

Guess it's more appealing for the kids now; including the kidults. If my sisters are with me, there's a 80% chance we will take photos with the big bear plushie. Should Jovyn be with us, the chance increases to 100%.

Play areas for those with kids; not huge but would help to rein in the attention of toddlers. Older kids would likely make do with tablets and smartphones, plus a little something to keep their mouth occupied.

Cakes! The rainbow cakes would be well-loved by the kids while the teens, with their unstable puberty hormones, can consider the emotion cakes with three classic expressions!

Working adults like us, who are not driving, would take comfort draught beer from the tap; options of either hoegaarden or san miguel! p.s. the drinks i mentioned on the first paragraph were with reference to the beer; key priority for the meet-up that evening!

Plain water was served in a beaker, at no extra charge - gosh, i can still remember what it was called even though the last time i held one was more than 20 years ago, in secondary school.

Complimentary test-tube cold-pressed juices from the friendly and attentive owner / waitress; upon knowing my two friend are allergic to anything that's spicy, she took pains to check with the chef on all the ingredients for the dishes so that my friends can make an informed decision. Rare to have such fantastic service nowadays.

Let's toast! By the way, the base for the cold-pressed juices is orange; red was beetroot, orange was carrot, yellow was pineapple and red was apple, cucumber with a bit of spinach. Too healthy for me; give me beer anytime.

My one-pint of hoegaarden! We took advantage of the 1 for 1 pint for their daily happy hour (till 8pm) and there are other daily beer promotions too (shall share the poster at the end of this post)! On Thursdays, 1 for 1 pint is all day long and comes with free fries! *in love*

Spam Fries - meat lovers like i would never be able to resist spam fries and i heard it's darn easy to make with air-fryer! The ones here were coated in batter before deep-frying and as they were only  fried upon ordering; they were served piping hot!

Great to have on a rainy day. Chilli was said to be homemade and i thought it was a mix between a watered down Thai chilli and potently spicy chilli; spiciness was still manageable for me.

FFL Da Bomb Burger - described on the menu as "200g beef patty grilled to medium well with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, sweet onions, red onions, crispy bacon, egg and melted cheddar cheese, served with fries and fruit salad".

Didn't disappoint and darn satisfying as a whole! The only thing was that i personally don't quite enjoy crispy bacon and after hearing my friend commenting that she will pass the bacon to me; the waitress served me my burger with the extra bacon! Thanks, but no thanks!

p.s. another friend's order of grilled pork loin appeared so appetizing and i regretted not taking a bite before it was taken away, for containing chilli flakes that my friend can't take. :( guess i need to make an effort for another trip!

Ms Pearly Ang, on?


28, Clementi Road,
Singapore 129754

Location Map

As above.


Operating Hours
Tuesdays to Fridays - 12.00 pm - 1.00 am
Saturdays - 11.00 am to 1.00 am
Sundays - 11.00 am to 10.00 pm
(Closed on Mondays)

Spam Fries - S$8.00
FFL Da Bomb Burger - S$23.00
Hoegaarden - S$18.00 a pint
San Miguel - S$16.00 a pint
(Subject to Service Charge)
(Discount for NUS staff /  students)

Additional Information
Beer promotion poster as above! There are good deals every single day and for colleagues who work near the cafe, there's an escape from work promotion (3-5pm) at S$4 per glass! 

Students living at the nearby halls would be pleased to note that there's a supper menu! Hence, in addition to nasi lemak from Fong Seng, you can also opt for maggic noodles, butter rice bowl and waffle! 

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