Saturday, December 08, 2018

Soontra Fruit & Herbal Drinks - Franchise Drink Store Located at Some BTS Stations @ Bangkok [Thailand]

The weather in Bangkok can be hotter and more humid than Singapore and as tourists; we sometimes would prefer to have something sweet to quench our thirst! That's when the Soontra fruit and herbal drink stores come into picture.

Located at a number of BTS stations, it's not hard to identify the store with its display of colourful plastic bottles that's akin to a box of colour pencils! 

With more than 15 different flavours to choose from, unadventurous me would go with my usual; the lemongrass and pandan that cost 17 baht a bottle. The chilled drink wasn't insanely sweet and the fragrance of lemongrass and pandan made it utterly refreshing, especially on a hot, sweaty day.


At various BTS stations,
Bangkok, Thailand

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