Sunday, December 30, 2018

Wakasho Chia Seed Jelly - Healthy and Nutritional Snack! #chiaseedjelly #chiakon #singapore

In the midst of shopping for Christmas gifts at VivoCity, i chanced upon a pop up store by The Cocoa Trees where the friendly promoter offered me a small pack of chilled jelly. 

I took one bite and immediately purchased four bags in one go. A few days later, i went back to the same place and grabbed another ten bags of the amazing chia seed jelly! 

Made in Japan, each bag contains ten packs of the jelly which comprise of two healthy ingredients; the superfood (chia seeds) and konjac (konnyaku jelly). You would find plenty of websites touting the benefits for both ingredients; alternatively, you may click here.

The handy pack with instructions on how to eat, that i don't understand. I took a picture using google translate and the English message was "never suck jelly, pinching the bottom pinching up, please chew well and enjoy little by little".

Didn't quite make sense to me at first but a colleague who understands Japanese recognised a warning sign in front of the pack that the jelly could pose a choking risk for the elderly! Therefore, if you are passing the chia seed jelly to people from the older generation, do remind them to bite and chew the jelly instead of swallowing them whole! 

Now, let's enjoy the jelly, which is best served chilled! It wasn't overly sweet and the texture of konnyaku jelly, coupled with the chia seeds, made this Japanese dessert a real addictive treat.

They come in various flavours like apple, lemon, peach, mango and grape. I tried almost all of them, except peach, and my personal favourite is grape! My mom loves it and actually asked if i could add chia seeds to my osmanthus jelly; well, i guess it's worth a try!  



Where to Buy
You can get them in The Cocoa Trees, Cold Storage and i heard, even NTUC.

Usual price is about S$6.50 a bag but The Cocoa Trees physical stores were having a promotional S$10 for two bags. With the discount of more than 20%, i am already deliberating if i should buy more as the promotion would end soon on 06 January 2019! 

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