Monday, September 17, 2018

Natural Himalaya Salt Candy (Extra Cool) from Big Foot in Malaysia #himalayasaltcandy

In the past few months, i had visited Langkawi, Melaka and Johor Bahru. Aside from the fact that they are all located within Malaysia, another thing in common was that in those trips, i was always on the lookout for one thing. 

To get my hands on as many packs of the sweets as shown above! Thanks, and no thanks, to the Great Kon; i am literally hooked to this Himalaya salt candy (absolutely love the perfect amalgamation of saltiness, sweetness with a cool effect and a touch of lemon) and can easily finish a pack in one go! Gosh, i sound almost like a chain smoker. 

A pack actually cost quite pricey with prices ranging from RM 2.00 to RM 3.00 and each foiled sachet contains only about six or seven pieces of candy! Guess Himalayan pink salt, with its health claim as the purest salt on earth, doesn't come cheap.

The good thing is that i almost never got to buy a lot of them at one go as the candy is super popular and the most i managed to grab was a little less than 2 boxes. Hence, imagine my surprise when i went to KSL mall recently and stepped into the local product store at the basement.

Boxes upon boxes of the highly sought after Himalaya salt candies! I got into a state of euphoria and i kid you not; i almost wanted to grab as many boxes as i could! Why not when a box of 12 packs only cost RM 17.00, which worked out to only about RM 1.40 a pack!?

I calmed myself down; shall compromise with four boxes for which one was for a friend. 36 packs would last me about a month although i was hoping to stretch them over a longer period of time.

So far, i had managed to distribute a few packs to friends and family and am quite successful in controlling my intake to less than a pack a day. I did realize i tend to pop more whenever i am stressed at work... 

Can you buy them in Singapore? Yes, you can as they are sold in popular book store. However, the price was about S$1.50 which means you are paying three times the Malaysian price in Singapore! Now, i may be obsessed with the Himalayan salt sweet but the scrooge in me would balk at the huge price differential.

p.s. those who frequent Johor Bahru can buy them (in boxes) at Kapitan Local Products at City Square shopping centre. The price, at RM 16 a box, is also cheaper than the store at KSL mall.


  1. It is cheaper in JB because the nutritional values are different with the ones sold in Sgp market. Just put them side by side and u can tell. Similar to most milk powder , milo, even stationaries like length of correction tapes. read the content and don't buy blindly based on the division of 3. So that explains the price difference and of course some contribution due to rental and operational cost.

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    himalaya salt sweet in popular book stores are the fake ones. please check properly.

    1. fake products in Singapore?! tsk tsk!

  3. Can I order from you?