Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thai Style Pancake? More Like A Crepe! @ Phuket [Thailand]

I highlighted in Day Two of my Phuket trip that there were many places selling pancakes / crepes and most were street hawkers like the above. Honestly, i am keen to buy as the one i had a long time ago at either Krabi or Bangkok had a prata like texture, drenched with condensed milk and tasted super good.

However, i did notice that the supposedly pancake had a different appearance and thought it's best to check out its "cooking" process before i order. And thank god i did.

It was literally a crepe and even though i am not against crepes in general; i don't quite enjoy them as much i do for our local pancakes and even pratas. 

The end product was similar to the prata-like pancake i had before yet nothing like it once you tear them apart. Is it just the case in Phuket? I ran a check on Google and it seemed that the Thai pancake was indeed the kind i tasted eons ago! Guess i would have to do more homework in my next Thailand trip! 

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