Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Model House of Luang Por Cham @ Wat Chalong in Phuket [Thailand]

As i don't understand the Thai language in its written format (to be fair, i can't manage the spoken language too), i have no idea what the above building was all about but i figured from the number of people stepping in and out that it's likely an attraction.

In addition, there also were signs for visitors to dress appropriately and to remove shoes; key hints that it's not closed to the general public.  

Imagine my surprise shock when i got past the wooden doors and saw the three monks seated on elevated platforms. Would this be where devotees get blessed? A second later, the fact dawned on me! 

They are wax figures although their likeness were based on three former yet highly esteemed abbots of Wat Chalong; the biggest and most revered temple in Phuket. Honoured like gods, many devotees were seen paying their respects in the quiet and solemn environment. 

I was more impressed by how realistic they looked! This reminded me of my trip to Asiatique The Riverfront in Bangkok where a shop actually sells monk wax figures and in varying sizes from life-size to a few inches tall. 


Within Wat Chalong,
Phuket, Thailand.

What else i did in Phuket

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