Monday, September 10, 2018

Squid Boy (花枝の燒) - Crispy Squid @ KSL Mall [Johor Bahru, Malaysia] #squidboy #ksl

I don't snack much nowadays as it's getting increasingly hard to shed off the extra weight! However, there's a food stall in KSL mall that i would unwittingly stroll past (and then walk in) every time i am there; Squid Boy! 

Although famous for its gigantic deep-fried squid, i have in fact never tried it before as i personally think it would be quite hard to manage; not to mention the stares from other shoppers in the shopping centre.

My usual order - crispy squid with Thai chilli sauce (other 'dressings' include salt pepper, seaweed, bonito fish and honey mustard). Most times, i would have them in a paper bowl so that i can eat them while shopping but in my recent visit; i had a lot of time to spare and hence, they were served on a plate instead. 

Fried only upon order, do enjoy them when they were piping hot! The batter was quite similar to those addictive Taiwanese-style deep fried street snacks and aside from the subtle crispiness, i was most in love with the sweet, tasty flavour of squid! 

Unlike some other places where the batter was thicker than the actual squid, the ones at Squid Boy had a much better meat / batter ratio and each piece complemented so well with the Thai chilli sauce.

Before i knew it, i had cleaned up the entire plate of crispy squid! Oh well, no guilt from me as this was supposed to be my lunch. On second thought, i should have ordered extra or get that super XXL giant squid! 


33, Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad,
KSL Shopping Mall, LG-05,
80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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As above.

Crispy Squid - RM 8.20

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