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Sakon Thai Food - Pretty Good Halal Thai Cuisine @ Northpoint City Shopping Centre in Yishun [Singapore] #sakonthai

Within the expanded Northpoint City, you can find no less than three restaurants serving Thai cuisine and while i didn't particularly enjoy my meal at Gu Thai Noodle Cafe; that didn't stop me from checking out Sakon Thai on the ground level! 

My many Muslim friends would be pleased to note that the eatery is Halal-certified (note the label at the fridge) and judging from the queue at mealtimes; i guess the food must be pretty good. Without further ado, let me share with you my review for the stuff we ordered.

Green Tea - why did i specifically target this since it's just a teabag? Because it was priced at S$2.90 for a sachet of OSK brand green tea that would have otherwise cost me about S$7.00 in NTUC for a box with 50 teabags. Hot water must be expensive. 

Thai Iced Tea - this was given free after i like the facebook page of Sakon Thai. Knowing very well the extent of sweetness for Thai iced tea, we requested for "less sweet". It hit the right note for a balanced sweetness that came with that unique nice, aromatic flavour. 

Pineapple Fried Rice - i was almost afraid to break apart the perfectly molded pineapple rice although on the same length, it didn't entice me with its unexciting appearance.

Took a bite and i am eating my own words; the exterior may look dry and bland yet the inside was where the treasures lie! You can find eggs, prawns and tiny chunks of pineapple meat which flavoured the rice that make you long for another mouthful. 

Thai Basil Chicken - you need plain rice as the taste of the minced chicken (layered with a little bit of gravy) was a tad too strong and spicy to eat on its own. 

Stir-Fried Kailan - overly salty in my opinion and as with the Thai basil chicken above, having a bowl of plain white rice would help to balance out the saltiness. 

Seafood Salad with Glass Noodles - an appetising dish to whet your appetite, this came with a lot of seafood (prawns, squids etc) that were gone before i can take a proper bite! 

I was grateful that my family left some glass noodles for me and, i think i didn't miss much as the spiciness was too much for me to bear!

Prawn Omelette - I honestly think the Thais make extremely good omelettes as most turned out to be delicious and fluffy, albeit a bit too oily. The omelette here was as good even though the small prawns were negligible and i would have made do with a plain omelette that would have cost cheaper.

Green Curry Chicken - the one dish i have been ordering every time i visited a Thai restaurant. Tom yum soup was nothing compared to green curry chicken, in my opinion! 

Chicken was tender; curry was rich and flavourful; my only bane was the Thai brinjal which tasted overly bitter in my opinion. And it's sad that this was the last dish placed on our table and my rice was almost all gone. It's a necessity to have green curry chicken with rice! 

Special Thai Deep Fried Fish - my mom was rather disappointed with the portion as the ones we have at Ah Loy Thai in Bugis and even Taste of Thailand were much larger. In addition, it's a rather unconventional way of display.

This looked better; why did i put this as the last? Reason being i was darn impressed with the fish; it was actually quite meaty and tasted nice without being fishy. Best of all, it's fried to a crisp and i had a great time picking out the crispy parts and eating them with the accompanied zesty, mildly spicy Thai sauce! 


1 Northpoint Drive,
#01-129, Northpoint City,
Singapore, 768019

Facebook Page

Set Menu
As above.

Order List
As above.

Green Tea - S$2.90
Pineapple Fried Rice - S$8.50
Thai Basil Chicken - S$7.90
Stir-Fried Kailan - S$6.90
Seafood Salad with Glass Noodles - S$10.50
Prawn Omelette - S$7.90
Green Curry Chicken - S$9.50
Special Thai Deep Fried Fish - S$18.90 
(Subject to Service Charge, No GST)

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