Thursday, September 13, 2018

喜怒哀乐 - The 4 Emotions by Jovyn

Alex did a rather terrible job in expressing the 4 basic emotions; namely, 喜 (happiness), 怒 (anger), 哀 (sorrow) and 乐 (joy). Don't believe me? Check out here

Now that Jovyn has better grasp in the meaning of the emotions, i think it's time for us to see if she can do a better job; given her often exaggerated expressions! 

喜 (happiness) - example, i am giving her a lollipop. 

怒 (anger) - example, i am thinking of giving the lollipop to her brother. Never deny the intensity of sibling rivalry. 

哀 (sorrow) - example, i decided to have the lollipop for myself. 

乐 (joy) - she looked like a ghost had suddenly appeared in front of her! Except for the last emotion, Jovyn did a rather good job; at the very least, it's cuter than Alex with his braces-face!

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