Monday, September 24, 2018

Baking Traditional Mooncakes for Mid Autumn Festival

I can never understand the exorbitant pricing tagged to mooncakes and took up the task of baking the festive delicacies myself ever since i moved to my own place. 

It's honestly rather easy to make; so long you don't have to make the filling. I got mine from Phoon Huat with a wide variety of choices like the standard lotus paste to the more interesting green tea / milk tea lotus paste! 

For recipe, i followed the one by Jeannie Tay and didn't change much except for the following; 325 grams of golden syrup and instead of the 50 grams dough / 130 grams filling ratio, i used 125 grams filling instead. 

Problem is that you tend to have small little quantity of each filling lying around and since i paid good money for them, i am not going to waste by dumping them into the trash!  Hence, i combined the remainder of lotus paste, white lotus paste, red bean paste and salted egg yolk into the above mooncake.

Turned out to be scrumptious with Alex eating more than half in one sitting! I think this would likely be the standard flavour for next year's mid-autumn festival and if i happen to be jobless, orders shall be welcome! 

Before i end the post, i would like to wish everyone a happy mid autumn festival! p.s. eat in moderation as the calorie-count for traditional mooncakes are scarily high! 

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