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The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam - Five-Star Accommodation (Premier Triple Room) @ Bangkok [Thailand]

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Those sparkling golden domes can be seen from afar but as i didn't manage to secure a picture that would wow you; the best i can do is to take it from the website so that you can marvel at the beauty of The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam!

Let's now proceed to the huge reception area which manages the 788 rooms spread over 2 towers known simply as Main Tower and North Tower.

It's all about old school opulence with polished marble flooring and hanging chandeliers befitting its 5-star status! However, there's a large contrast in atmosphere once you step into the connected Palladium World Shopping Mall; not that i am complaining as i adore cheap over branded buys! 

Our room - 22708, located in the North Tower. I heard from a Thai friend that the hotel was haunted and that's after i had made the non-refundable booking! Well, nothing happened to us so i guess it could be urban legend or rumors by competitors. 

54-meter Premier Triple Room - in terms of size, i thought it was comparable to the Anika Hotel at Kluang but Anika made better use of the space by compartmentalizing the area at the entrance to provide for a dressing table that's lacking in the The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam

Usual things to expect in a hotel room - with the distance between the bed and the television, i guess it would be really nice if the size of the TV can be upped to maybe 55-inch. 

Nowadays, i always look out for an in-room safe but do be mindful that in some hotels, the safe is not drilled to the wardrobe / cabinet and a robber can technically run away with the safe! Anyone uses bath robe? Not me. 

Hidden fridge and a wine bucket and glass mugs for liquor! 

Seating area which we didn't utilize except to put our towels. Given that hotel is more for me to sleep than anything else, maybe i should explore cheaper alternatives in the future. p.s. i eventually did in my trip to Langkawi last week. 

The double bed and single bed - no complaint about its softness. Only one thing is lacking; bolsters! So far, i think only the KSL Hotel & Resort in Johor Bahru offers them as a default. 

As we were on the 22nd floor, i was hoping for a spectacular view and wasn't disappointed! The second photo shows how close The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam is to Talad Neon night market where i had my first taste of fried grasshoppers

Complimentary WiFi! 

Bathroom with a humongous mirror and plenty of toiletries that i don't use except for the shower gel / foam. I would actually bring back the shower caps as they are so versatile! Read here on other uses for the shower cap! 

Rainfall shower has become the norm! 

Continuing our exploration of the hotel; this time, the amenities that were mostly concentrated on the 11th floor which was also the connecting floor between the main tower and north tower. 

The fitness centre that i didn't manage to step into much. I was focused on making the trip a relaxed one and didn't want to spend the time and effort in the gym. 

One of two swimming pool sections on the same level; this particular section had the dull sun and moon theme and appeared to be the less popular one. 

Towels were available.

The other swimming pool; featuring welcoming blue water and see-through glass, it was a hit with families! You don't see anyone in the pictures as i took them early in the morning at about 7.00am. 

Came with jacuzzi too! The only thing i dislike; you would be under the watchful eyes of the residents staying in the upper floors of the two towering condominiums.

Those who prefer a quieter environment can proceed to the upper decks where sundecks were placed for you to soak up the sun. Again, sunbathing is not an activity i enjoy.

Better view of the swimming pool.

The late April period i went was in fact very cooling and on some days, many of the tower buildings were shrouded in mist / fog like the Baiyoke tower shown above.

Bar on the 11th floor and there's another one on the ground level. Those hungry for food would also be pleased to know that there were a few restaurants in the hotel too! 

You can also sign up for tours and tailor made some shirts! Strange thing is that the tailor listed the prices in Singapore dollars! For me, i was all set to make my shirts at Galaxy Tailor and you may read my review here if you are keen to tailor made your clothes


My friends and i enjoyed our stay and while The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam is in the heart of the popular shopping district, i still find it a hassle if i need to take the BTS! You may want to consider taking the boat at the nearer Pratunam Pier instead. 

559 Ratchathewi, Pratunam, 
Bangkok, Thailand, 10400


Premier Triple Room - S$132.69 a night via
(inclusive of all applicable taxes)
(no breakfast)

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