Sunday, September 23, 2018

Windmill Viewpoint - Overlooking Nai Harn and Yanui Beaches in Rawai @ Phuket Island [Thailand]

As a popular tourist destination blessed with a hilly terrain, there are a number of scenic viewpoints in Phuket and i conquered no less than 3 in my day trip with a private driver! This one (above) is known simply as windmill viewpoint. 

Just in case you are thinking of the traditional looking windmills from Amsterdam, it's actually the more modern ones known as wind turbines that are designed specifically to generate electricity! 

A picture of dad with the wind turbine.

However, we were there for the view and let me present to you the panoramic photo taken with my iPhone. Overlooking the Andaman Sea, i was more in awe of the turquoise green-blue water that eluded us the previous day at Phang Nga Bay

The water was clear even from where i stood and i was green with envy as i was hoping to bring my dad to check out the beautiful underwater world in this Phuket trip.

I was thinking if that nice structure on the right were a condominium and the residents were given exclusive right to park their yachts not too far away (albeit still requiring a swim or a boat ride). Turned out it was a 5-star hotel known as The Nai Harn

Anyway, good backdrop for another photo of my dad.

Island on the right of the photo is called Ko Man. Ko is Thai for island whereas i am drawing a blank on man. Can't be that the island is manly or filled with men or has one man right?

The left side appeared more happening even though the beach length of Yanui beach was shorter compared to the Nai Harn beach in front of the The Nai Harn.

Personally, having a large rocky outcrop is as important as crystal clear water since the former is usually teeming with corals, fishes and other sea creatures! Yes, i regretted not bringing along my easybreath snorkeling mask as i didn't expect to swim and snorkel for this day tour! :(

Dad again! 

I didn't think too much about the road and path on top of the hill until i was there after the Windmill Viewpoint. Hint: it's the place to check out Phuket's southernmost point

There's a simple pavilion at the viewpoint and if you wish to get some drinks / snacks, there's a kiosk nearby. You can also find a toilet (charges apply). Other than photo-taking, there's really nothing much to do. I think i will be better off snorkeling off Yanui beach. 

Last pic of another wind turbine in the compound of the energy station where it appeared to guard the spirit house. 


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