Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Super Good Muah Chee from the Man on Scooter @ Penang [Outside Kek Lok Si 極樂寺]

Renowned as a food paradise, the one thing i realised about Penang food is that the portion is generally small which means i am always in seek of snacks / desserts after my main meal.

On day two, i had char kway teow and prawn noodles for lunch yet my stomach was telling me to go ahead and order muah chee from this man on scooter! Nothing fanciful about this mobile stall with just two laminated posters (showing the price) and a big umbrella to shade from the sun. 

There wasn't any queue (just one group ahead of me) and the man was quick to make my order despite using only one hand to prepare my packet of muah chee. I read somewhere that muah chee is actually easy to make and maybe i should try out in my kitchen in time to come! 

Nice little golden nuggets encased in a mix of peanut bits and sugar; the muah chee was soft to the bite without sticking to my teeth! The peanuts were fresh and aromatic with just the right sweetness. To share the "fats", i offered the muah chee to my travel mates and everyone said it was super good! 

We attempted to buy a few packets after touring Kek Lok Si but the man was already not at the spot! A friend's son was devastated! For the benefit of those who would be visiting Penang soon, appended above is the map for your reference, with the red snowflake indicating the location where i last found the man on scooter. 

Near entrance of Kek Lok Si
Opposite Beng Chin Garden Kopitiam

Muah Chee - S$3 a pack

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