Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Red Garden Food Paradise (红园美食坊) @ Georgetown, Penang [Malaysia]

The popularity of Penang as an overseas destination for Singaporeans means that i have plenty of recommendations from friends and even readers of this blog! 

A place that popped out quite a few times was Red Garden Food Paradise for its wide variety of food condensed in a singular facility that Singaporeans would find familiar; you can call it a food court, a hawker centre or just a humongous coffee shop.

Aside from roasted delights, bird nest etc, you can also find stalls hawking Penang's famous char kway teow, satay, Vietnamese food, bak kut teh, tandoori chicken, western food and many many more! 

Open from 5pm, Red Garden catered to the evening crowd and it's evident that many dropped by to chill out with good food and maybe a beer or two.

There's even a stage right in the middle where singers would belt out Chinese pop! It's almost getai style without the elaborate, exaggerated attire and the front seats were not empty. 

Similar to Singapore's hawker centre, there's a number on every table and you have to note the table when you make an order as the stall operators would require it to send your food. 

Order the young Thai coconut first as only this natural Asian beverage would be able to quench the thirst and cool the body that had endured the heat in Penang! This was sweet and i love the fact that a metal spoon was given for us to scoop out the coconut meat; hate it whenever plastic spoon is provided as i am not gentle with a high tendency of breaking it.

Prefer something of a higher quality? Check out the birdnest selection at Jiaqi

Please go ahead and order the flavourful pipa duck and fatty char siew from Kimpo for your main! For my review, kindly click the link here

On the second night of my visit, we tried out other items! Although i might not be able to provide the exact stall name, i presume you wouldn't find many stalls selling the same thing. We had the oyster omelette; fried in the gooey style i dislike. 

Fried squid was quite good with a thin batter that should go well with a glass of ice cold beer! Couldn't remember how much it cost as it was paid by a friend.

This was a plate of pork satay and it was the worst i ever had in my whole life! Lean meat was used and there wasn't the sinful juiciness that i always like from the fatty bits. In addition, the sauce wasn't the peanut type we are accustomed to in Singapore. In its place was some spicy sour stuff that totally didn't meet the cut. In my opinion, steer clear! 


20, Lebuh Leith, George Town, 
Red Garden Food Paradise, 10000 George Town, 
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 

As above (close to Bayview Hotel Georgetown and next to the famous blue mansion, also known as the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion). 

Operating Hours 
From 5pm

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