Friday, August 26, 2016

Penang Style Fruit Rojak @ 101 Rojak (舊關仔角美食廣場 / Kompleks Makanan Medan Renong Padang Kota Lama) [Penang, Malaysia]

Singaporeans would feel totally at ease in this hawker centre known as a mouthful Kompleks Makanan Medan Renong Padang Kota Lama as it reminded me so much of the ones we have back home! 

There were plenty of stalls but i wasn't THAT hungry and hence, decided to go with the one selling Chinese salad, also known as rojak! p.s. the word salad was loosely used here as the dish definitely wouldn't help you in your weight loss. 

Now, Penang rojak was famous for its high ratio of fruits and even though this might increase its marks in the "healthy" category, the corresponding higher ratio in sourness might not be suitable for everyone. I am a classic example as i have always believed that "healthy" food is seldom mind-blowing good. 

It didn't take too long for the stall owner to prepare the rojak - ingredients were prepared beforehand and they just need to put them on the plate and instead of mixing (usually the case in Singapore), the sauce was just poured over the ingredients and topped further with a sprinkling of crushed peanuts! 

Verdict - it was okay and the sauce was actually quite palatable; albeit on the sweet rather than aromatic, robust side. The crullers (youtiao) appeared to be double fried; super crispy which means it couldn't absorb the rojak sauce! Love the addition of squid though! 


Kompleks Makanan Medan Renong Padang Kota Lama,
Near War Memorial at Esplanade, Penang

Rojak - RM 8
(Price ranges from RM 3 - 15)

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