Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Big Big Bubbles near Esplanade @ Penang Island [Malaysia]

While on our way to check out a hawker centre near the Esplanade at George Town (Penang), we literally walked into a sea of humongous bubbles that would definitely elicit loud laughter and giggles from Jerald and Jovyn if they were with me! 

The low light condition due to the setting sun didn't do the bubbles any justice and i guess i have to make use of a seldom used function on my DSLR.

Flash mode - at least you can see the bubbles in better clarity now even though the real beauty lies in seeing the entire scene with your own eyes. On second thought, i should have taken a video instead! 

Equipment for sale / rental - maybe because i was starving; i didn't even attempt to ask for the pricing as i know the two brats would love to chase after big bubbles! That would be beneficial as i just need to sit down on a bench and let them do the running.


Near Esplanded along the promenade next to the War Memorial,
Penang Island, Malaysia

As above (highlighted in yellow).

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