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Punggol SAFRA Manekineko Karaoke - Differences from Bugis Plus @ Singapore (Next to Sam Kee LRT Station)

I wasn't intending to take out my DSLR at the Manekineko Karaoke branch at Punggol Safra since the karaoke chain had already appeared in this blog and i figured the respective branches would not deviate much.

Obviously, i was wrong as the Bugis Plus branch seemed to lack a lot of things; either that or my mind was alert enough to notice the anomalies at the Punggol Safra outlet. To make it easier for you, do read the post on Bugis Plus before you proceed further as it contained vital information, especially on the use of phone app to choose and select the songs to sing. Click here.

First deviation from Bugis Plus - i was greeted cheerfully by the Malay staff (the lady at Bugis + wasn't rude, just stone-faced without expression) and you know what, it does make a difference early in the morning.

Cute displays of fortune-beckoning cat statues at the counter - as i erroneously thought and had henceforth corrected, Manekineko wasn't a unique concept by KBox. According to the straits times article, KBox was in fact bought over by one of Japan's biggest KTV chain!

There wasn't a prize but you can still take the props available next to the counter and pose with them! Tag #manekinekosg for the fun for it. As the company is still new to the Singapore operations, there could be surprises waiting for you!

To strike a pose, you need more than just the props; just go to the walls as some of them already had gigantic stickers of the smiley felines.

As mentioned in the Bugis Plus post, i felt that the Manekineko KTV's concept was more family oriented and entry for kids was allowed as evidenced by the above; kids below 90 centimeters sing for free! Disclaimer for viewer discretion was pasted on the wall as some music videos, like Wrecking Ball, may be too raunchy for young children.

Drink Bar - again, this was different from Bugis Plus. Aside from the usual drinks and snacks, you have a soft serve ice cream machine that dispensed vanilla ice cream (no toppings though)! Furthermore, there's a sink to wash my mug in case i want to switch from coke to hot green tea!

That's not all; there's even a healthy drink dispenser that offered customers free flow organic soya drink, yam soya beverage and macha latte!

Room 3 - for the three of us; spacious to the max! At one point, Joyce was literally lying on the couch while straining to hit the pitches of a song.

Remember i was complaining about the distance of the charging point? This was at the couch which was convenient and not only that; you can actually borrow the charger from the counter staff using your identity card. In case you feel cold and forgot to bring a sweater, blankets can also be signed out from the counter.

Floor plan - i was looking at this and noticed that Room 1 and 2 didn't seem the same as the rest. As Room 3 was just right opposite, i popped in to Room 1 out of curiosity.

Right side wouldn't have surprised me but the left side was another story as it was clearly segregated with an item that was the norm in my house when Jovyn was staying with us at my parents' place.

Foam mats for the safety of your young kids and it came with a bowling set and LEGO-type tiles! Pity Manekineko didn't have a slide and ball pool; if they have, i would gladly pay for Jovyn and Jerald (both are above 90 cm) to join us!

You know what's another advantage of Safra Punggol Manekineko? Safra / HomeTeam members get an additional 15% discount; do note that it is not applicable on public holidays and eve of public holidays.


9 Sentul Crescent,
#05-02, Punggol Safra,
Singapore 828654

As above.

Nearest MRT / BTS Station
Take to Punggol MRT station and transfer to Sam Kee station. Punggol Safra is just right across the road. As there is no shelter, bring along a brolly. If bad luck is on your side, dash across the road (please be careful of traffic on the road) as the distance isn't far! 

Call +6563873113

Facebook Page


Price List
As above. Pricing was almost the same; for daytime (11am to 7pm) on Saturdays and Sundays, the rate per person was S$20 NETT. At Bugis Plus, the same slot would cost S$23 NETT! Another reason why i should continue to patron the Punggol SAFRA branch! 

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