Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Grasshopper in the Office @ Singapore

The place i work in is always full of excitement and it doesn't help that creepy crawlies seem to relish in making our office their refuge; from gecko, caterpillar, fly and skink, we recently added another species to the list.

A species that hop; not a kangaroo but a grasshopper! Now, this is in fact a baby as there were humongous palm-sized ones in one of the rooftop gardens and it's likely this one just got lost and needed help.

And who else can provide assistance? Of course the one person in the office who was confirmed to be a natural attraction for insects / reptiles. Me. As suspected by the rest, it didn't take me long to cup it in between my palms even though the tiny fellow was super nimble!

Darn; with the above photograph showing grassy (my nickname for it) agreeable to stand still and allow me to take a close-up picture, i think it's a double confirmation and i am expecting more insects / reptile to come into the office in the near future. 

Whatever the case, i am praying the next one wouldn't be a snake.

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